For the last 40 years, Flowbird has been in the business of supplying parking and transit systems around the globe.  Our core expertise is in the areas of payment solutions – multi-space parking meters, mobile phone payment, ticket vending machines, fare collection devices and fare validation.  Whether driving or taking public transportation, people around the world come into contact with Flowbird solutions every day.  As cities become more congested and systems become more complex, Flowbird’s focus is to utilize our expertise to make travel easier within communities.



134Globally, Flowbird systems can be found in over 3,500 cities in 55 countries.  Flowbird has a worldwide staff of over 1,000 employees based in 8 different countries.  Our products and systems are represented and supported by over 80 distribution and service partners.

Locally, Flowbird is based in Moorestown, NJ, just outside of Philadelphia.  We launched our US operations over 25 years ago, testing our technology in New York City in off-street parking lots.  In 1993, New York City and Aspen, CO took the multi-space parking meter concept on-street with Flowbird pay stations.  Today we support over 20,000 multi-space parking meters in over 250 cities across the country, working with the largest municipalities in the US.  We also have a strong focus on the College and University market where we help schools better manage their parking systems for students, faculty, and visitors.

King_County_TVMSeveral years ago we identified that our products and services fit perfectly in the US transit market where many organizations desire to collect fares off-board.  We provide a unique offering to organizations managing Bus Rapid Transit, Light Rail, and Streetcar


Flowbird has direct presence throughout the US from both a commercial and technical support perspective.  We are also represented by an extremely professional and reputable network of distribution partners that provide sales, installation, and support services locally in various territories throughout the States.