25 March - 26 February 2018
Rosemont, IL
Meet Brett Fangi, Julianne Wilhelm and Kerry Loomis!
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WIP 2018

Women in Parking Conference

March 25-26th

WIP 2018 is the Women in Parking Conference that Parkeon Cale will be attending this year. We’re so proud to be a part of this organization and we’re so excited to have three strong contributor’s to this year’s event.

The WIP 2018 Conference is a unique forum that brings together parking professional from all spectrums to share best practices, discuss relevant issues and create connections that yield opportunities for both business growth and individual success. The WIP Annual Conference is the most anticipated event of the year. Every year, members and non-members of WIP gather to gain educational and professional development through workshops, keynote speakers and peer to peer networking. The Women in Parking Organization 4th annual conference will immediately precede the PIE Conference in Chicago, IL on March 26, 2018.

Founded in 2011, Women in Parking (WIP) is an association of professionals who foster the advancement and achievement of women in our industry. With representatives from nearly every discipline, we share a common goal to provide opportunities in the areas of career advancement and networking. We welcome you to join our association and be a part of a fast growing network of professional women who share expert knowledge, relevant industry trends and potential business opportunities with each other.

In mid 2011 it was recognized by a group of female parking professionals that while women continue to emerge from all disciplines within the parking industry, opportunities to further narrow the gap between men and women in terms of promotion, advancement and C Level presence in the board room still exist. As a result the abilities and talents of women are underutilized in the industry. With this realization the group set out to establish a professional organization and in the fall of 2011 Women In Parking was established.


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