For years and years people have viewed television in color, browsed the internet in color on their computers, and checked their email in color on their smart phones. Color screens have been available on parking terminals in the past but making them run on solar power has been a challenge.

With Parkeon’s release of StradaPAL and T-PAL kits, clients have been taking advantage of our achievement to provide a 7” full color display screen on a terminal running on solar power, and offer their customers a better overall user experience.

Since the summer of 2013, the City of Las Vegas has utilized 70 StradaPAL terminals in high visibility areas around town. In October, Parkeon and its distributor TMC completed an upgrade of 1.800 Stradas with the T-PAL kit in Den Haag in the Netherlands. In Lyon, France Parkeon has just upgraded 1.500 Stelio terminals with T-PAL kits.

Parkeon customers have appreciated the ability to upgrade their existing terminals with increased functionality instead of investing large amounts of money in new terminals.

Having terminals with color screens is for sure a nice customer convenience but that is not the only goal. Parkeon customers plan to utilize those screens to do everything from communicating about road work in the downtown to promoting events within the City.