Parkeon will exhibit at the Annual NASPD 2017 Show – National Association of State Park Directors – in Missoula, MT.


Please visit Parkeon at Booth 28 for a Demo and Chance to Win a Kindle Tablet!


Automated Fee Collection and Data Analytics On Display At NASPD 2017

Parkeon looks forward to seeing you at the annual National Association of State Park Directors (NASPD 2017) conference in Missoula, MT next week.  Our own Sally Donatiello will be providing demonstrations of our multi-use kiosk for fee collection and will provide information on data analytics.  You will also have an opportunity to win an Amazon Kindle Tablet.

Our solar powered, wireless, Strada multi-use kiosk is used today at many different park locations around the US – from New York State Parks to Nevada State Parks to Washington State Parks – and has been deployed most recently for the National Park Service at the National Mall.  Strada offers the flexibility to sell many different products such as admission fees, boat launch fees, and camping fees and it can also display news and event information happening around the parks.


Preserving Our Public Lands

For the last 40 years Parkeon has been in the business of supplying parking and transit systems around the globe. Our core expertise is in the areas of payment solutions – multi-space parking meters, mobile phone payment, ticket vending machines, fare collection devices, and fare validation.  Parkeon solutions are present in over 55 countries, so whether driving or taking public transportation, people around the world come into contact with Parkeon solutions every day.

Over the last several years, we have made a concerted effort to offer a solution for local, state and national parks.  Parkeon’s focus is to utilize our expertise to make visiting the outdoors easier by providing dynamic and reliable unattended payment solutions.

A recent poll conducted by NRPA reaffirms the fact that Americans are passionate about the preservation of public lands, such as local, state and national parks. Eighty-two percent of Americans polled say it’s important to preserve public lands, including parks, recreation areas, forests, conservation areas, wildlife refuges, etc. This includes 62 percent of Americans who say it is either “very” or “extremely” important to protect open space.

With over 200,000 kiosks installed worldwide, Parkeon is aligned with the desires of citizens to preserve public lands.  Alleviating  traffic, managing demand for available spaces, promoting public transportation initiatives, using mobile technology to assist in navigation, and solar power to save energy are just some of the ways that we put our goals into motion.  We respect the environment and appreciate natural beauty. As such, we feel strongly about participating in the efforts of state park directors to create less congested environments.


Finding New Funding Sources

In addition to falling in line with citizen’s values, we also innovate to create systems that best suit the needs of Park Comptrollers and Directors. The financial health of state parks is just as important as the health and wellness of the environment within the parks. In order to maintain clean, safe, well-maintained parks, managers must find creative solutions to shore up gaps in their revenue streams.

An Alaska State official was saying on the NRPA Blog that “A key objective for the State of Alaska is sustaining and protecting our park system by making it less reliant on general funds for its operations.”

Parkeon understands the needs of Park directors to find new funding sources and manage their revenue.  By connecting flexible multi-use kiosks to a powerful back-end management system, we provide a proven way to do both.  Our hosted web-based back-office tools, help clients manage their operations with simplicity. From reports to remote fee modifications to validation codes creation, we provide the perfect tools to make your job easier.  We give you access to all transactions, collection information, and maintenance alerts in real time. Typically alerts are provided well in advance of a kiosk shut down to help you avoid revenue losses.


Big Data Analytics

Another important trend in industries across the board is the collection, presentation and analysis of data.

“Returning to the Top 5 Predictions list for a second year in a row [in 2017] is how much data-driven analysis will factor in preparing and justifying budgets and expenditures. Data collection and analysis will increasingly drive cost/benefit calculations about the value of parks. Such data will be essential to validate proposed large-scale capital projects, and will be critical to justify annual operational budgets to elected officials.” – from an article written recently by Richard Dolesh (VP Conservation & Parks NRPA)

Parkeon has made a significant investment in our back-end systems (we invest over $10 million per year in Research and Development) to provide clients with our new Analytics tool.  This tool is the result of working with clients around the globe that have a need to better manage the data coming from their parking, transit, and park systems.

Our Analytics tool was specifically designed for customers that are searching for a way to analyze large amounts of data and make smart decisions through one efficient tool. Analytics offers a strong combination of a smart geographic information system, a variable filtering interface and a search engine. Instead of being limited by a set of predefined reports, Parks Directors have the ability to filter, select, and aggregate the variables needed to generate its own reports.


See You In Montana!

We look forward to meeting you in Missoula next week and we hope you have safe travels.  If you have any questions for us prior to the NASPD 2017 conference, feel free to contact Sally Donatiello at 856-234-8000 ext. 231 or at