Flowbird_Urban Intelligence
This is the new Flowbird Logo in Black, Blue and White.

Parkeon and Cale, world leaders in parking and transport ticketing solutions, joined forces to create a new global entity.


FLOWBIRD: Urban Intelligence; What does it all mean?

  • FLOWBIRD is inspired by the ease with which each bird maneuvers within a flock of birds.
  • FLOWBIRD symbolizes our ambition to make the influx and flow of traffic simpler, safer and faster.
  • FlOWBIRD¬†designs software platforms and hardware devices to ensure harmonious flowing traffic patterns.
  • FLOWBIRD¬†describes the diversity of the products and services we offer to our diverse international clients.


Every week around the world, thanks to our terminals, mobile applications and online services, we contribute to the improvement of the living environment. Every week an international flock of 100 million users synchronously, swiftly and gracefully interact with each other as part of a collective fluidity of traffic.


Visit our New Website at flowbird.group