Your parking meter is not just a parking meter anymore! Parkeon has taken its technology to a new level by now offering services to provide your customers with a better overall experience and give your residents a better sense of pride within their community.

Parkeon has developed a new solution that allows your parking or ticket vending machine to act as a multi-services kiosk by connecting to 3rd party applications. Parkeon first deployed this cloud based system in Italy to meet the needs of several municipalities. For example, in Genova customers can pay for their parking fines on the Parkeon multi-space meter and in Milan motorists can reload their transport cards at the meter. Now that this system is a part of Parkeon’s global offer, several Parkeon clients are taking advantage of this system today by offering new services such as localized information, merchant coupons, and special payment methods.

In October, Parkeon and MasterCard announced a partnership that allows local merchants to offer coupons on Strada terminals. A pilot project in underway within the Village of Rockville Centre, New York to test public acceptance of this concept. The end users can choose from a number of different coupons and print them right at the machine. There is no requirement for a parking payment to occur in order to get the coupons so the terminal truly becomes multi-service.

Parkeon showed off another cloud based service during Heritage Days (7th September to 13th October) in the City of Paris by offering a special treasure hunt application on some Strada terminals. By connecting to the mobile application Patrimap, visitors were able to take part in a treasure hunt and discover the Marais district. Using the Strada, participants consulted the Patrimap application to track the path of heritage treasures.

Parkeon cloud services makes it easier for clients to offer additional payment methods to the end user.  For instance, in the City of Esch sur Alzette (Luxemburg) Parkeon has started a pilot with FlashIZ making parking payment possible via QRCode displayed on the terminal, which is connected to a prepaid QRCode account online. In the US, at Utah Valley State University, special visitors can enter a validation code created in myParkfolio in order to get free parking or discounted parking. Each time someone enters a code, the terminal calls the Parkeon server to check if that code is valid. The amount of applications that can be imagined are unlimited. We welcome your ideas for new services.