Parkeon has announced that it has recently completed a new on-street parking project for Harvard Parking Services utilizing Pay by License Plate technology.  The goal of the project was to implement a system that helps promote turnover of parking spaces around Continuum, a new mixed-use development near the campus that includes apartments, shops, and streetside restaurants.

The project implementation included the installation of solar powered Strada multi-space parking meters featuring a full color 7” display screen and capacitive QWERTY keypad for license plate entry.  The Stradas are equipped with wireless modems allowing the meters to communicate in real-time with Parkeon’s Parking Rights Management System (PRM) to identify the exact parking rights to assign each parker.

To ensure that spaces at Continuum have high turnover but in a customer friendly way, parkers are able to receive one hour of free parking once per day and have the option to purchase one additional hour during the same day.  Because the Parkeon PRM system is very flexible, the additional hour of paid parking does not have to be purchased consecutively with the initial free hour.  Additionally, the system eliminates “meter feeding” and encourages parking rotation because the Stradas will not accept payments from parkers if they have already reached the two hour maximum stay.

We have utilized Parkeon multi-space meters for several years,” said Jim Kotzuba,  Associate Director of  Harvard Parking Services..  “We were already familiar with the reliability of the equipment so we were very excited when we found out that their parking management system could meet our needs on-street at Continuum.”

The Strada multi-space parking meters were tested and installed by Parkeon’s New England distribution partner, Wescor Parking Controls, based out of Auburn, MA.