Scalable Transport Solution Meets The Customer’s Needs

The current economic climate today is challenging around the world and customers are searching for ways  to maximize their investment, while also advancing their technology to properly serve their customer base.

Parkeon’s customer STIB, the largest urban public urban transportation agency in Belgium, faced the same challenge in November 2012 when it decided to upgrade its equipment on buses and in the metro system in Brussels. The new tender involved the installation of 1150 validators – 650 installed on new buses and 500 in metro gates.

STIB has been a long time Parkeon client, but that is not always enough when it comes to providing a new solution that is both economical and advanced. Listening to the needs of STIB was necessary to propose the offer that best suited their needs. Parkeon offered a solution that was standardized and thus less costly, an ambitious deployment schedule and continuity in the software solution already in place.

In July 2013, STIB announced that Parkeon had been chosen to supply the new system. In a first phase, 1150 Axio touch screen validators will be deployed. Afterwards, installation will take place in 2 stages: early April 2014 on buses in Brussels, then in late 2014 on the metro gates. The contract also provides the possibility of extending deployment with a further 7150 new validators to replace existing Parkeon equipment supplied in 2006.

The STIB network has 4 metro lines, 18 tram lines, 50 bus lines and 11 night bus lines. In 2012, STIB transported almost 350 million people in the capital.

We are thankful to STIB for having confidence in Parkeon to deliver the right solution!