Parkeon has announced that the Village of Lynbrook, NY has added Parkeon’s Whoosh! mobile parking payment application to its list of available parking payment options. Patrons looking to pay for parking in two of Lynbrook’s parking lots will now have the option to use their cell phones, tablets, and computers to pay in addition to the option of using the existing Parkeon multi-space parking meters.

Users will enjoy the ability to pay from anywhere using Whoosh!, either from the Whoosh! app or from the Whoosh! website. Users can also extend their time from anywhere (if parking policy allows) without having to run out and visit the meters.

The key advantage Parkeon brings to the Village of Lynbrook is that all the transaction information from the Parkeon meters and the Whoosh! system is fully integrated into one back-end management system for consolidated reporting and enforcement. The Village’s Parkeon system is configured for Pay-by-Space parking, so enforcement officers only have to look at one interface to determine the status of each space.

The Parkeon system in Lynbrook, and across Long Island, is supported by its local distribution partner, DEVO & Associates.