Upgrade kits to modernize your pay station

Technology is advancing all the time. This opens the door to new possibilities and sets the tone for new behaviors of users. No matter the age and configuration of your installed parking meters, we can upgrade your equipment to prolong its lifetime while modernizing it by introducing a number of innovative services.


  1. Addition of a new “Pay by plate” keypad which increases the users’ capacity of interaction with the parking kiosk. Users’ license plates may be indicated so that they can benefit from customized rates according to their uses.
  2. Installation of color screens. A wide color screen on a multi-space parking meter means that animated pictograms, vivid pictures and clearer lettering can be displayed; these pictograms are designed to assist users who are not accustomed to accessing the services available. It also increases the possibility of displaying information particular to the town (tourist and commercial information).
  3. More methods of payment with the introduction of a smart-card reader, a contactless antenna or a PIN pad to accept payment by bank or store cards.
  4. Embedded software which is identical from one piece of equipment to another for consistent solutions which facilitate maintenance and provide users with the same interface.
  5. These solutions remain powered by solar energy, using sensors suited to their energy needs.
  6. The migration of your equipment to the CLOUD system of Parkeon gives you the chance to remotely and very easily roll out a comprehensive range of new services, including advertising to support local shops and businesses, local and dynamic information about events taking place in your town, weather forecasts, tourist information, etc.