Multi-space parking meters/kiosks are a new vehicle for communication for your town

Parkeon is giving you the chance to turn your parking meters into a form of communication between your city and the citizens/tourists. Combined with our CLOUD system, the StradaPAL multi-space meters becomes the vehicle for dynamic information that is available anywhere, anytime and in a range of languages.


  1. Offering users extremely local and specific information in relation to their daily lives, the StradaPAL allows there to be administrative procedures or the initiatives of the town;
  2. Facilitating access to the cultural or tourist offerings by way of providing explanations of historic sites, cultural tours, promotion of urban heritage, etc. The parking meter can display detailed information, photographs of places to visit and even display the QR code;
  3. As the StradaPAL is equipped with a payment system, you have the option of selling tickets for attractions such as monuments or museums;
  4. You can also add a mapping feature so that users have access to directions;
  5. Ultimately, this is a simple and non-intrusive means of communication for a city or university. Users are given the option to utilize the information provided by the multi-space meter and are under no obligation to be forced into following it. This is an additional communication feature based on existing equipment.