The couponing offer establishes a connection between the street and its businesses

In order to guarantee the quality of life, it is vital that these communities preserve a vibrant economic environment. However, businesses and local services need help because of the competition they face from shopping centers and retail parks. In order to encourage citizens to rediscover their local shops and businesses, we are offering the chance to generate flows of commercial information and discount vouchers based on parking transactions.


  1. In addition to their parking payment receipt, motorists are issued a printable discount voucher which can be used immediately in a local shop or business;
  2. In most cases, the amount of the discount voucher exceeds the cost of parking which means that the motorist could make back what they had spent on the parking charge.
  3. For shopkeepers and other local businesses, this is a chance to increase visibility and attract new customers;
  4. A non-intrusive and non-binding system. Simple, quick and easy!
  5. The success of the project is easily measured by the number of vouchers that are printed and redeemed.