The intermodal ticketing system involves a single card which enables users to get around easier!

By providing varied or additional modes of transportation, people are able to get around more effortlessly. Travel times are optimized for citizens, traffic flows open up and a number of adverse effects are eliminated (noise, pollution, stress, etc.). This ticketing system constitutes a better handle for business development to help increase the use of public transport. It is a system shared by multiple modes of transportation and it represents a modern and ideal solution for passengers.


  1. All cards and tickets for the bus, light rails and streetcars are replaced by a single card.
  2. A ticketing server guarantees fare management, the supervision of all sales channels (meters and remote sales),the monitoring of revenues, and access to all necessary reports.
  3. This ticketing service utilizes contactless technology, even for infrequent passengers (contactless tickets that can be reloaded), resulting in smoother passenger flows!
  4. Users may reload their contactless tickets directly from their homes which means that line up at ticket offices will become a thing of the past!