Big Data Suite

High performance parking management tools for efficient operations and future planning!

Get fast ! Get efficient ! Get control !

  • Improve knowledge capitalization
  • Dynamic visualization of data
  • Reduce operating costs


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Parkeon Data Suite offers flexibility to filter, select and aggregate the variables needed to generate multiple reports. It is an easy to use web based system that enables personnel to improve management and better understand the parking ecosystem.

The system is designed to benefit the whole organization.  Parkeon’s Analytics with myParkfolio makes it simple and quick for users to find, discover, analyze and share information. The solution enables Cities to improve parking management.

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Our platform gathers inputs from pay stations, embedded sensors, mobile devices, and databases that enable mapping, locating and knowledge discovery. Mixed with additional data sources they contribute to a digital representation of the city. 


Big Data Platform


  • myParkfolio

    -Reporting available by alarm type, reason and machine part

    Service Tools
    -Remote optimization and updating of the parking system

    -Monitors parking indicators to provide and 'at-a-glance' overview of parking system performance

    Transaction History
    -History of all payment information

  • Analytics

    Park Information
    - General information about the park, the pay stations and all associated points of sale

    Understand and Parking Ecosystem
    - Analysis of parking revenues and usage for all sales channels

    Indicators and Alarm Analysis
    -Events occurring on pay station, ranking best selling and allowing determining priority for maintenance operations

    Track Authorizations, Transaction Status and Settlements
    - Covers all credit card transaction data in the park

  • Smart Routing

    Guide Your Operations
    - Filter data in many ways for better staff utilization

    Advanced Routing Options
    - Find different routes by using the dialog box options

    Audit & Measure
    - Extract metrics on mobile workforce performance

    - Export the routing into text, xml or html files

  • Financial Reconciliation

    - Card Processing System

    Exception Reports
    - Identify abnormal transaction statuses

    - Sales along the processing chain

    - Revenue discrepancies

    - Credit card transaction data