As people’s mobility impacts the population’s lifestyle and vitality of a town more and more,  tracking fares through the validation process helps improve transportation services. It also  allows a reasonable revenue sharing between operators within an intermodal system.

Infigo is a manned ticket sales console and validation station, ideal for on-board conditions (buses, trams, trains, underground systems).

Infigo provides information regarding customer buying pattern to assist company management. It also optimizes services, reduces fraud, improves revenue management and monitors individual drivers and routes.

Infigo can interface with remote smart card validators (AXIO TOUCH…) to provide a fully integrated system for today’s modern ticketing requirements.

Versatile design and future-proof architecture

  • Based on the very popular open-source Android Operating System to make additional features, advanced services and applications easy and fast to be developed by any 3rd party.
  • Adaptable to provide either a basic or a fully integrated ticketing system capable of development as necessary to keep pace with a customer’s requirements.
  • Can be used as a bus driver console only.

Ticket issuing and Validation in one portable device

  • Fast and secure processing to speed-up boarding time
  • Offers a friendly and valuable service to passengers without detracting from operational efficiency and management planning.
  • Provides an interface for smart card operation as well as an interface for Real-Time Passenger Information systems.
  • Handles all contact-less smart cards/tags and types including passes and multi-journey.
  • Possibility to remotely deactivate validators during inspection.

Always-on information

  • Clearly advises passengers regarding status of validation, information regarding smart card validity, season ticket status and balance.
  • Local intelligent system and real-time passenger information providing the progression of the travel in the line for instance, based on GPRS communication and on-vehicle location systems (GPS).
  • Distributes passengers real-time and local information through connections to AXIO TOUCH validators.

Robust, reliable

  • Deployed worldwide.
  • Qualified and well-proven subparts for similar use.
  • Optimized to meet all the requirements of the mobile world of bus and tram travel.

Technical Data

  • Security
  • Eco-conception
  • Smart Investments
  • Robustness
  • Dimensions (HxDxW) : 217x263x226mm
  • High speed CPU - Android, Linux, Windows 7
  • GPS
  • LCD color screen and 32 buttons backlit keypad
  • Audio messages and tones
  • ISO 14443 type A, B and B’ contact-less smartcards interface
  • Green / Amber / Red operations lights
  • 18-48 VDC
  • Thermal


  • Usage

    Available as driver console only

  • User interface


  • Communication

    GPRS, 3G for communication with external Intelligent Transport Systems
    WIFI a, b, g, n