• Combines ergonomics, robustness, scalability, and customization capabilities.
  • Unattended solar-powered multi-space parking meter providing services, payment and information to make life easier in your community.
  • The power of cloud-computing : StradaPAL can be controlled by the Parkeon CLOUD system enabling easy and quick creation and deployment of a wide range of added-value online services without personnel having to go into the field.
  • Designed to minimize environmental impact from construction through to dismantling and recycling.


User friendly graphical interface

Fully designed to make transactions and maintenance operations easy.

  • The large, full color 7”screen makes all the difference, displaying animated pictograms, text and dynamic menus to guide the user through the transaction. StradaPAL becomes an efficient information channel.
  • The extended capacitive keyboard (customizable on request) increases functionality, facilitates quick and easy entry of any alpha or alpha-numeric numbers (license plate numbers), handles personalized codes of identification numbers to access parking privileges and allows users to navigate through menus to view local information or advertisements, select services and print out coupons…
  • StradaPAL offers a wide choice of payment methods for optimum user convenience to encourage compliance in parking, to limit the volume of cash to be collected, reducing fraud and saving time..
  • All enhancements and new features are driven by solar power, even with the latest energy demanding technologies.

StradaPAL supports any innovative communication policy

  • StradaPAL offers a range of imaginative sales and information services to support local businesses and make people’s lives easier, in color, 24/7 : maps, timetables, what’s on guide, advertising and promotions from local businesses, emergency contacts…
  • StradaPAL provide real-time information to parking users and public transit customers.

Proven security

  • Compact structure to resist against vandalism and fraud.
  • Anti-theft system with clamping nuts.
  • Separate compartments for maintenance and cash collection.
  • Double walled cashbox with additional shielding, made like a safe.
  • Motorized coin selector opens only for metallic objects and rejects slugs, washers, etc.
  • Attack detection.
  • Highly secure system protected against fraudulent access to sensitive data.

Cost effective

  • Easy to maintain with real-time remote notification of alarms and alerts.
  • Remote control from the back-office allows for quick changes of rates, messages, and ticket layout without having to go into the field.
  • Parkeon CLOUD System can be deployed to add additional revenue.

Technical Data

  • Security
  • Eco-conception
  • Smart Investments
  • Robustness
  • Corrosion resistant steel
  • Size: (HxWxD) 65.90” x 18.70” x 14.92”Bill accepting meter 68.5'' x 16.9'' x 11.4''
  • Weight: 198 lbs Bill accepting meter: 331 lbs
  • Temperature: -13°F to +131°F / up to 95% relative humidity at 131°F
  • EN 12414 / CE marking
  • 7” color screen
  • Capacitive keyboard
  • Money storage EN 14450 Level 2 certified
  • 3G modem
  • More than 95 % recyclable (ISO 22628)


  • Payment

    Coin : automatic opening upon coin insertion and patented motor-driven coin selector
    Bills: 4-way bill acceptance
    Cashless version
    Contact & contactless credit card acceptance

  • Security

    Attack detection
    Additional shielding and security enhancements

  • Parking modes & zone indicators

    Pay&Display / PayByPlate /PayBySpace
    Zone indicators : various sizes and colors

  • Collection

    2 patented collection methods:
    - Transfer – fixed cashbox with removable canister
    - Rapide – exchangeable cashbox

  • Power supply

    AC Mains

  • Colors

    5 standard colors (Sterling grey, Titanium grey, Moss green, Magic blue, Jet black)
    Specific colors available upon request